James Martinez Ministries Art Fundraiser


James Martinez Art Raffle

Hello, welcome to our first Ministry Fundraiser. We're holding an raffle, we're requesting donations all of which are considered charitable and tax-deductible for our ministry. Each raffle donation receives one entry into our art raffle contest. (all proceeds go towards furthering our faithful cause) We're located in Central Texas, this contest is available to everyone in the United state of america.

You may have discovered the transcendent journeys of James Martinez, if not, here's the short of it. God lifted James up and out of this world incarnate. He befriended him and over the years and their friendship has grown into an extraordinary validation of The Holy Trinity.

The story goes like this; James was lost. When he awoke spiritually he uncovered an incredible calling. After attaining enlightenment, He sought greater questions into what drove him to this great experience. In the process of seeking he discovered "The Way" life works. How the spiritual and the material produce the world we all inhabit and experience.
Thru mediation practice James revealed transcendence and got out of himself. He found worlds within worlds within worlds and eventually found Father God, Jesus' Father, The Creator of The Heavens and The Earth. He literally found Him up in Heaven. Then thru years of practice and study Father God, along with Jesus Christ, began teaching him how to stand upright again.

The significance of their friendship has literally had a historical effect on all of creation, the revelation of God is now being breathed life into thru God's works. In conjunction with these incredible gifts came insight into the atonement of Christ and the sacrificial gift Jesus made for sinners.

Knowing now how the world has problem with religious misunderstanding, this message shall help all of us. God took James incarnate and then sent him back asking James to bring a greater understanding for the world.

It's a miracle.

James Martinez Art Raffle

Among the gifts God gave to James is an artistic touch. Father God touched his hands and he became an artist. Now being full of The Holy Spirit, James is revealing an aspect of their transcendent walks thru his artwork.

This painting of The Abu Simbel Temple in Ancient Egypt ties directly into their journey back to the start (of life) See Coldplay-- The Scientist. This component the here journey is rather extraordinary, as are all things to do with God. But it goes like this.

God lifted James out this world and took him back to see how it all began. Along "The Way" back Father God, Jesus Christ, and James filled with The Holy Spirit, broke The Temple in Ancient Egypt. God named the region Aswan because they affected the place together.

This 60" x 40" acrylics on canvas James Martinez original of Abu Simbel is being offered up. We're raising money for James Martinez Ministries and giving this painting to one person. We decided to ask for 100-- $100 donations. Once all 100 tickets are gone we will pick the winner.

We hope now you can appreciate the importance of this message. Not only for us as God's children however, for us a struggling world. We hope you'll really want to become part of this amazing journey. And, truly we hope you all win.

Follow the link below or visit www.JamesMartinez.org/art-raffle to donate and register.
Gracias kindly for your support.

God bless you,
James Martinez

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